The Perfect Wedding Hairdresser

wedding hairdresserChances are you already have a regular hairdresser who you know and trust. This is the most ideal scenario as it means you will have someone doing your hair on the big day that knows your hair.

As soon as you have a date for your wedding firmed up you should try and pencil in a wedding day appointment for your hair. With the majority of weddings taking place on a Saturday, one of the busiest days for hairdressers, you need to give them plenty of notice.

You can have a consultation with them in the months leading up to the big day to discuss and plan any practise sessions for your hair.

Decide with them when the last hair cut will be before your wedding day.

As well as getting regular hair cuts leading up to your wedding, make sure you also follow these other tips for preparing your hair.

This is all well and good if you have a regular hairdresser – but what if you are a hairdresser hopper and don’t always use the same one?

If this is you and you don’t yet have a hairdresser it’s time to start looking.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Hairdresser For Your Wedding Day

  1. Ask your friends. Ask a handful of friends where they get their hair done. Of course only ask the ones whose hair you like!
  2. Visit some wedding fairs. This will give you the chance to suss out any potentials and speak to them face to face.
  3. Go for a haircut! Get to know your hairdresser and see if they seem suited to your ideas and hair type. Speak to them about what you want. Ask them how many wedding day hairstyles they have been involved with. Check that they will be available on your wedding day. Also ask about costs so there are no nasty surprises nearer the time.
  4. Take a collection of magazine cut outs of wedding hair styles that you like. Your hairdresser might be able to do a few test runs so you can decide if they are going to suit you on your wedding day.
  5. Discuss what products you might use on your hair to keep it in place all day long.
  6. Build up a relationship with your hairdresser so that you feel comfortable asking them exactly what you want to.

Most of all really enjoy the experience and use it as the perfect excuse to pamper yourself!

Claire x